Featured Artist: Gemma Watts

Written by Jay-Dee Pitcaithly on 10th May, 2019
Featured Artist: Gemma Watts

Meet Gemma Watts, she's not your typical artist of the musical variety but she's certainly the best in the biz when it comes to beauty writing.

Working as a writer, photographer and MC in the fashion and beauty industry since 2012, Gemma has set her beauty commentary apart from the masses through her thoughtful yet honest content. She also has her very own podcast, giving listeners a look into the business of beauty from behind the scenes. We're big fans, to say the least! 

Gemma will be dishing out beauty tips and leading panel discussions at this years MECCALAND, one of Australia's leading beauty festivals hosted in Eveleigh, NSW this May. We asked Gemma a few questions in the lead up to her appearance to get the low down on her career and what goodies she'll be bringing along to MECCALAND 2019. 

What does an average day in the life of Gemma Watts look like?

My business has a few tiers to it, so I try to split my time as evenly as I possibly can. 

The crux of my work is directing Glow Journal Creative, which is the copywriting and creative sector of Glow Journal, so I spend a lot of time writing, taking photos and developing a tone of voice for each of my clients (the vast majority of which are beauty brands!). 

glowjournal.com is my editorial platform on which I review products, interview beauty brand founders and share industry news, so time spent working on that content involves a really thorough calendar of what I'm trialling and when. It's so important to me that I give each product I trial the correct amount of time to do its thing, rather than trying too much all at once and not being able to isolate which product is making specific changes in my skin.

The Glow Journal Podcast is the newest addition to the Glow Journal brand, which gives me a platform to have and share really long-form, in-depth conversations with the biggest names in beauty- both locally and internationally. An "average day" doesn't really exist for me, but beauty is the one and only constant! 

Throughout your work, you have a strong focus on the importance of a daily skincare routine. What is the one skincare product you couldn't live without?

I have long been a devotee of sunscreen and I rely on SPF50+ each and every day- even in the winter. SPF is our greatest defence against serious health and skin conditions such as melanoma, and it plays a key role in fighting the visible signs of ageing. When we choose to wear SPF50+ on a daily basis, we're putting our health first- and with so many incredible false tanners on the market now too, there's absolutely no reason for us to forgo sun protection. The Mecca Cosmetica signature line 50+ Superscreen is a personal favourite as it doesn't feel heavy on the skin and sits beautifully under makeup.


So you're one of the special guests at MECCALAND, what are you looking forward to most?

I'm looking forward to chatting to and connecting with so many beauty junkies! I'll be hosting masterclasses and conversations on the Mainstage with some of my friends and beauty industry stalwarts, so I'm really looking forward to picking their brains and being able to share their tips with the room. The energy at Meccaland was indescribable last year, and this year the team are really taking it to another level so I can't wait to see what surprises they have in store for us. 


What exclusive goodies do you have your eye on at MECCALAND?

I will be making a beeline for the By Terry activation! They're bringing their By Terry Palette Factory to Meccaland, so you can select your favourite By Terry powders, create a bespoke palette and watch the team press your custom powder in front of your very eyes. 

MECCALAND 2019 runs from May 17 to 19 in Eveleigh NSW, bringing five immersive worlds where beauty comes to life with next-level experiences, large-scale installations and exclusive giveaways.

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