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Rhythm and Vines 2020

Rhythm and Vines 2020

2:00pm, Tue 29 December, 2020 - 5:00am, Fri 1 January, 2021
Waiohika Estate, Gisborne
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Event Details

Rhythm and Vines is New Zealand's premier 3 day music and camping festival, located at the beautiful Waiohika Estate, on the East Coast of New Zealand.

A global destination where people travel to celebrate the New Year's with friends alongside some of the world's hottest acts. A 22,000 person party across 5 stages, with up to 15,000 campers nestled within the vines of the stunning Waiohika Estate. 



12pm - 12am

2pm - 12:30am

2pm - 12:30am

2pm - 6am

*Times subject to change



Camping at Rhythm and Vines is an experience like no other. Nestled amongst the vines, up to 15,000 onsite campers enjoy access to a pre-party on December 28, numerous bars and camp stages as well as access to onsite camping facilities such as showers and food villages.

If you would like to camp onsite, make sure to purchase a CAMPING pass. If the ticket does not say CAMP, then it does not include camping. 

Where is Bass, Sundown, Treble, Rhythm and Meadow Camp located? How can I ensure I get to camp with my friends?

  • Bass Camp is centrally located near the Vodafone Vines Stage, which is located on the festival site. Please note nearby Mid Camp won't be released for sale this year.
  • Treble Camp is located on the outskirts of the festival site, no more than 5 minutes walk. Close location to the festival car parks and is one of the most popular campgrounds.
  • Sundown Camp is located opposite Treble Camp and the Teepee and Glamping villages. Right on the doorstep of the entry into Rhythm and Vines festival site.
  • Rhythm Camp is located in the vines between Cellar Stage and Rhythm stage.
  • Meadow Camp is located in the pastures behind the Rhythm Stage. Plenty of space and ability to escape from it all. Only way to access Meadow Camp this year is via purchasing a Pre-Setup Tent package.
  • New to R&V2020 is the GOLD PASS in Treble and Sundown Camp. Your GOLD PASS includes express check-in, dedicated showers and flush loo facilities, chill out space and access to a powder room within Sundown and Treble Camp only.

Tent spaces are allocated in a first-in-first served basis, so make sure when you check-in at the festival, that you round up your mates and go in together to ensure you get to camp in the same area. You will be required to pitch your tent when you arrive in the campground shown on your ticket. After that, you can access the other campgrounds (apart from Premium Camping facilities) to visit friends.

Is there Premium Camping this year?

If you are wanting a more premium camping experience, we recommend you purchase your 3 Day Vintage Club Festival Pass + Premium Camping. This provides you with access to our premium shower and toilet facilities within our Premium campgrounds (+ the added benefits of Vintage Club mentioned below).

What Accommodation packages are there?

Premium accommodation packages such as Glamping, Tepees and Prem-Tents are available onsite. We also have a range of Hotel and Motel packages.


What does a Vintage Club Festival Pass get me?

A Vintage Club Festival Pass is your ticket to a premium Rhythm and Vines experience at the festival (starting from 2pm each day from Dec 29).

All Vintage Club Festival Pass holders gain exclusive access to the following benefits:

  • Access to the MUMM Vintage Club VIP area with comfort, seating, shelter, amazing views, powder room, flushing toilets.
  • MUMM Vintage Club bar offering a Malfy Gin cocktails, MUMM Champagne and table service
  • Access to viewing platforms at the Vodafone Vines Stage and the Heineken Stage
  • Priority check-in and express lanes at main bars

Are there ID requirements or an age limit to enter the event?

Rhythm and Vines is strictly R18. By LAW, the ONLY forms of ID we can accept at R&V check in are:

  • A valid and current NZ Photo Drivers' License
  • A valid and current NZ or overseas Passport
  • Kiwi Access Card


Please note: intoxicated persons may not be allowed into the venue. No refunds will be provided to persons disallowed entry due to intoxication. Please drink responsibly and look after your mates.

What are my transport/parking options getting to the event?

Festival Bus Passes go onsale later in the year.

If you are driving to the event, there is plenty of parking at the festival site. A fee may apply.

If you are camping onsite, there will be shuttles available each day (operating from 9:00am to 1:00pm) taking campers from the Festival to Gisborne central. Fees may apply. These will also return back to the festival grounds, the last one leaving at 1pm. After 1:30pm you will require a Festival Bus Pass to get on any buses.

What can/can't I bring to the event?

NO alcohol is allowed to be brought onto site or to the campgrounds (including the car park). There will be fully serviced bars located around the campsite and festival site.

Is my registration/ticket transferrable?

Important: the name on each ticket must match the photo ID of the person attending on that ticket. 

Rhythm and Vines has partnered exclusively with Moshtix as our official ticketing partner. And this year, their technology also provides us with the only place for official purchase of resale tickets, or what we like to call pre-loved tickets 💘

Scammers are operating heavily and we wish to ensure that we provide a safe place for people to buy and sell tickets to R&V2020. Please, do not buy tickets from strangers. THE ONLY PLACE TO PURCHASE R&V TICKETS IS FROM MOSHTIX*.

*exceptions include Packages from and Club Gisborne tickets purchased from Blitz Surf Shop, Sequence Surf Shop and BMS in Gisborne.


Sometimes circumstances change (yeah no shit 2020). This year we want to make it as easy as possible for R&V customers who can no longer make the festival to be able to sell their ticket/s, and for buyers who missed out on R&V tickets to be able to safely get their hands on legitimate tickets.

There are 3 types of resale options available.

RESALE - you simply can't make R&V2020 and need to sell your ticket. List for resale, we will find a buyer. (and don't worry, we had 10,000 people miss out last year so plenty of buyers out there).

REISSUE - you have sold your ticket privately to a friend (good on you) and simply need to reissue the ticket into someone else's name and account. Reissue is only available from July 31 - August 31. After this date, tickets will need to be sold via Resale only.

NAME CHANGE - you simply need to change the name on a 2nd/3rd ticket that you purchased under your own account.


What does it cost to resell my ticket via Moshtix?

As the seller, once your ticket has successfully sold via Moshtix to a new buyer, you will be refunded the face price of your ticket less a transaction fee.  Booking fees paid when initially buying the tickets are non-refundable.

I've sold my ticket privately to a friend as I can no longer make it. What does it cost to reissue my ticket to someone else?

The cost to reissue your ticket to someone else is $50. Simply login to your Moshtix account, click on Manage Tickets button and then Reissue on R&V tickets you want to reissue. Please note, Reissues are only available up until August 31.

I've purchased 2 tickets, but need to change the name of the 2nd ticket to someone else?

The cost of a name change is $50. This will need to be done via the Moshtix contact centre.

What if I'm not the original purchaser?

Tickets can only be offered for resale by the original purchaser of the tickets. If you are a ticket holder and wish to offer your ticket for resale, you will need to arrange the resale of your ticket with the original purchaser of the tickets whose moshtix account was used for the purchase.

Why can't I sell my Moshtix ticket anywhere else?

Your ticket has your name and date of birth on it, which means it is strictly non-transferable to another person. Any ticket sold by any means other than Moshtix official resale facility will be invalid for use as the name of the ticket holder will not match the moshtix database.

Tickets re-sold, or offered for resale, in an unauthorised manner may also result in all tickets in the order being cancelled without refund, along with all ticket holders being refused entry to the venue.

This includes tickets offered for resale via an online auction site such as Trademe or Facebook Marketplace.

When do I get my money back?

Refunds are not guaranteed and you will only get your money back if your ticket is purchased by another fan. Until they are re-sold, the tickets remain your property and no funds are owed to you. If your ticket gets purchased by another fan, we will refund the original ticket price (less booking fees) to the original credit card used to purchase. Should your ticket remain unsold at the end of the resale period, the ticket remains valid for your use by the original ticket holder.

What if my credit card has expired or been cancelled since the original purchase?

If your credit card has been cancelled or expired since you originally purchased the tickets you will receive an email asking you to contact Moshtix Ticket Support. Ticket Support will ask for your bank details and will arrange a manual refund into your bank account. This can take up to 2 weeks for the refund to be processed.

What happens if my tickets don't sell?

If your ticket remains unsold after the end of the resale, the ticket remains valid and is deemed the property of the original ticket holder, who will still be able to use the ticket should they still be able attend the event. Event tickets are not refundable unless purchased by another fan, so any ticket refund in not guaranteed.

Can I sell the tickets at a discount if I want to make sure they sell?

No. Tickets are only offered for resale at face value.

My Package ticket isn't available for Resale? Why?

Individual tickets within packages cannot be listed for resale separately.

Packages include:

  • Meadow Camp 2, 3 or 4 person tent packages.
  • Accommodation packages including Hubs, Prem-Tent, Tepee, Glamp, Hotel or Motel packages.


If you need to resell the entire package all together, you will need to contact the Moshtix Call Centre.

If you wish to change the name on one of your meadow camp tickets,  and the package is under your account, this can be done via Name Change via the Moshtix Call Centre.  If the package is not under your account then you need to ask the account holder to action the name change.


If you need to change the name on one of the tickets in your package and the package is under your account, this is free until November 1st.  Just locate your package confirmation email and click the Manage Booking link. You will be taken to your booking, and can edit the names.  After November 1st there is a $25 fee for package name changes.

If you want to change all the names in a package then it becomes a Cancellation and a $250 fee applies.

To cancel your package and receive a full refund, less the $250 Cancellation fee:

  1. Email requesting cancellation.
  2. Your package will be relisted for sale on the R&V website.
  3. When it sells to a new customer you will receive your refund.  If it doesn't resell, sorry no refund.

The owner of a package is the account holder (buyer).  The account holder is the only person who can make changes to tickets in a package, resell or cancel the package.  R&V will not get involved in any disagreements between package members.

For further FAQ's, head to