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No. 2 Movie Night

No. 3 Roskill Theatre

No. 2 Movie Night

7:00pm, Wed 10 March, 2021

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As Mt Roskill undergoes redevelopments and the landscape is reshaped, so is the community; their lives, and their stories. 

To pave way for new stories, we must honour the old ones and build off their provenance.

Screened at the location it was filmed, Roskill is invited to say goodbye, share their stories, and welcome in a new and dynamic neighbourhood.


Nanna Maria (Ruby Dee), the matriarch of a Fijian-Kiwi family, fears the heart has left her clan. She demands her grown grandchildren arrange a traditional feast, where she will name her successor. But family tiffs will spin events into chaos. This award-winning love letter to the Auckland suburb of Mt Roskill marked the first film from Toa Fraser (The Dead Lands), who adapted it from his play. Invited to many global festivals, No. 2's awards haul included the World Cinema Audience Award at American festival Sundance. It also spawned classic song 'Bathe in the River'.

– NZ On Screen 2020

[Toa] Fraser knows Roskill like Spike Lee knows Brooklyn.

– Philip Matthews in a Listener review of No. 2, 11 February 2006